Kidney Care Clinic

We have a multidisciplinary approach to care for our patients having kidney disease due to diabetes that enables our expert doctors to carefully and effectively provide treatment against any complications.


Each kidney is made up of millions of tiny filters called nephrons. Over time, high blood sugar from diabetes can damage blood vessels in the kidneys as well as nephrons. So, they don’t as work as they should. Many people with diabetes also develop high blood pressure, which can damage kidneys too.

Chronic kidney disease takes a long time to develop and usually doesn’t have any signs or symptoms in the early stages. You won’t know whether you have CKD (chronic kidney diseases) unless your doctor checks you for it. TDC kidney care clinic's regular checkups and scanning of kidney functions are available and in case of a worse condition, several treatment methods are available too. TDC has set up Dialysis Centre where dialysis sessions are conducted under careful examination of trained staff and specialized doctors. In extreme cases where patients are unable to have access to dialysis treatment due to financial constraints, TDC provides the free of cost treatment.

TDC Kidney Care Clinic in Islamabad provides for regular examinations including rudimentary scans of kidney function. In case of increased seriousness, we offer multiple specialized kidney care investigations to further gauge and evaluate the status of the kidneys in line with the diabetic condition of the patient. 

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