Registrartions & Certifications

TDC is a SECP registered "Not-for-profit" organization registered under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017.


SECP Registration

TDC incorporated in November 2011 as a not-for-profit company, registered with  Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Companies Ordinance of 1984. TDC is licensed to establish, support, run, manage and maintain hospitals, clinics, operation theatres, diagnostic centres and indoor and outdoor treatment facilities all over Pakistan, particularly for diabetes and generally for other diseases.

PCP Registration

The PCP Certification Programmed seeks to bring transparency, accountability and good governance in the nonprofit sector in Pakistan. The first initiative of its kind in South Asia; it involves the evaluation of a nonprofit organization on standardized parameters of internal governance, financial management and programmed delivery.

This voluntary assessment aims to enhance a CSO’s credibility and resultantly its access to funding. Through the allied activities of this program, PCP promotes certified CSOs in an annual directory and on its website and also builds the capacity of civil society organizations for greater effectiveness.

We are glad to receive this certification from PCP in 2015.

Zakat Compliance Certificate

Alhamdulillah, The Diabetes Centre – Pakistan is now a certified charity complies with the Sharia principals in its zakat collection and disbursement system. The entire system is managed and supervised under strict sharia compliance management system by sharia scholars.

FBR Tax Exemption

In Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue granted tax exemption status to all donations for The Diabetes Centre.

College of American Pathologists (CAP) - USA

The College of American Pathologists - USA, recognizes The Diabetes Centre, as a laboratory continuous improvement in quality through participation in the 2019 CAP Surveys, and/or Anatomic Pathology Education Programs.

The Diabetes Centre is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Hospital

ISO certification denotes that TDC’s services and processes meet International standards.

College Of American Pathologists (CAP) – USA, Awarded Certificate To The Diabetes Centre (TDC)

TDC is enrolled in the prestigious College of American Pathologists, USA Proficiency Testing Program, and has been meeting its quality standards for continuous improvement. In order to recognize our participation and successful completion of their 2020 External Quality Assurance Program, CAP has awarded a certificate to TDC as acknowledgment.

The hospital will continue to strive for improvement and will assure quality in its services.

Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Registration

The Diabetes Centre received approval from Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Pakistan. TDC is able to run its smooth funding operation internationally under this MOU.

Electrical installation and equipment fitness certificate

Alhamudulillah, TDC received Electrical installation and equipment fitness certificate. The task completed with the direction of the CEO and the maintenance team.