TDC is an internationally-recognized, not-for-profit organization. We are registered tax-exempted charity in the UK, US, Australia and Pakistan.

Chairman Message

Message from the Chairman

The Diabetes Centre (TDC), has taken on the challenge of dealing with the epidemic of diabetes sweeping through Pakistan, and believes that we have a significant role to play in diabetes awareness, education, and health care delivery. We are not only pursuing excellence in our mission but are also working to become a voice for change. Our strategic plan maps the surest route to this end. We intend to be a more responsive, accountable, and transparent organization that offers comprehensive services to fight and beat diabetes by developing the capacity to train caregivers (physicians, nurses, medical technicians and dietitians) inappropriate ways, and enabling all methods of educating the patient and the public at large. The Diabetes Centre is here to serve the public good. We are certain that through the mercy of The Most Merciful, we will be able to fulfill our mission in the service of our compatriots.

With Enthusiasm,
Dr. Asjad Hameed
Chairman, Board of Directors of The Diabetes Centre.