Our Goal

Assist in developing capacity in healthcare sector for diabetes management by leading in diabetes research and training of the caregivers (physicians and allied healthcare staff).

Goal#1 Build Capacity for Diabetes Care

Establish 05 centers of excellence, each connected with 25 sub-centers as Hub and Spoke Model.

We work to remove barriers to access specialized diabetes care, particularly those related to wealth and geography, to make sure everyone has access to quality care.

  • To increase coverage and equity of clinical care
  • To scale up access to medical care through introduction of mobile clinics and e-health technologies
  • To ensure adequate and secure supply of quality medicines
Goal #2 Accelerate Awareness & Education

We inform, educate and empower general public and medical professionals of the rising epidemic of diabetes and its causative factors through preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health promotion initiatives.

  • To build the capacity of diabetic patients and healthcare providers to manage diabetes
  • To reduce the prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan
Goal #3 Shape Research & Innovation

Development of Primary and Verifiable Databases about all aspects of diabetes.

Being a Centre of Excellence, TDC conducts medical and clinical research to define mechanisms of conducting prospective and retrospective studies with outcome forecasting.

  • To build databases for meaningful research
  • To engage pharmaceutical companies and regulatory authorities by establishing real world evidence in conducting clinical research
  • To enhance public health research in personal, social, cultural and environmental determinants of diabetes
  • To facilitate implementation of innovative practices in patient care and healthcare delivery and pursue digital health opportunities
Goal #4 Increase Advocacy

TDC continues to play an active role in promoting community wellness, equal rights to universal healthcare, and strengthening the overall health system for diabetes prevention and management.

We strive to customize the care and ensure its sustainability in the unique socioeconomic settings for our patients.

  • To strengthen engagement of civil society, corporate sector and other partners in fight against diabetes
  • To enhance national and regional commitment to diabetes prevention and care