Dr. Sonia Bakhtiar


Dr. Sonia Bakhtiar is an expert in diabetes, She specializes in treating diabetic complications. She understands the prognosis of most aspects of diabetes, prescribes the best treatment options for reducing the complications of diabetes. She provides medical care to families, communities, and individuals based on her well-grounded knowledge of diabetic disease and its complications.

  • Speciality


  • Education & Certifications
    • MBBS Frontier Medical & Dental College 2004
    • MCPS(Family Medicine) The College of Physicians and Surgeons Islamabad 2012.
    • MSC (Nutrition and Community Health) Allama Iqbal Open Universty Islamabad 2015.
    • Diploma in Liver Diseases Aga Khan University 2017.
    • Diploma in Diabetology (Society of Endimicy Feroz Sons) Aga Khan University 2018.
    • Diploma in Pain Management (Novartis) College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) 2019.
    • Certification in Family Medicine Rawalpindi Medical Universty Islamabad.
    • Certification in Diabetic FootCare Baqai Medical University Karachi.
    • Certification in Skin diseases and cosmetology Ultrasounds.
    • Certification in Quality Assurance and Control.
    • Certification in Hospital Waste Management.
    • Certification in Hospital Management System
  • Work Experience
    • Demonstrator Women Medical College Abbottabad 2005.
    • Demonstrator Margalla Institute of Medical Sciences 2008.
    • Administrator SARF Islamabad 2008 – 2011.
    • Medical Director Nigar Health Complex Islamabad 2012 – 2019.
    • Clinical House Offices (Medicine and Surgery) in DHQ Mansehra.
    • Clinical General OPD in SARF.
    • Work as Visiting Medical Specialist in Al-Noor Hospital PWD.
    • Work as Visiting Medical Specialist in Gul Hospital.
    • Work as Visiting Medical Specialist in Pakistan Specialist Hospital
  • Office

    Phulgran Stop, Near Toll Plaza. Islamabad – Murree Expressway


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